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About Me


TrevMoMatic is a rap artist from Baltimore, Maryland now living in New York City. His style spans multiple genres from hip-hop and trap to electro-pop and afro-beats producing a sound that evokes a spectrum of emotions. Building on a variety of musical influences, this sound has established his global appeal and elevated him as an international artist.

His song “Almost”, where he raps over electronic drums and synths, takes a look into difficult periods of his life such as the loss of his younger brother, reflections on spirituality, and the sacrifices he’s made to help youth in his community that have dropped out of school.

TrevMoMatic spent his recent years performing and building networks in Indonesia, Denmark, Taiwan, India, Egypt, Kenya, and Tanzania. That momentum garnered him a considerable buzz. As he looks to the future, the collaborations that he's working on with prominent international artists will be a recipe for immense success.

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